Please leave it to Katayama Steel Rule Die Inc. if it is dieboard, stamping out, packages, paper containerss, boxes, dieboard for Thomson machine, and dieboard for Victorian machine.

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Our company is selling such as practicable weighing devices and parts in the manufacturing premise related to paper container. Please try by all means.

Crease Shape Measuring Machine
The shape of a crease is correctly measured in the non-contact system by laser!
Automatic Crease Height Measuring Machine
The height of each crease is measured as CAD data. The final edition of crease management!
Crease Shape Camera
The crease form is easily checked like a mouse on the manufacturing site.

Crease Stress Tester
Variegated functions, such as automatic high-speed bending function, are carried.
Bending Stress Tester
Measuring instrument for bend strength of ruled line that can be carried. Skilled talks in manufacturing premise.
Counter Pin (Type-TA)
Shortening troublesome work by the transcript of the counter plate is achieved !

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