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Bending Stress Tester

Bending Stress Tester

Product Outline
BST-α can manage ruled line characteristic and material characteristics such as paperboards and corrugated cardboards, and can examine the bend of plastics, films, laminas, and honeycombs, etc. besides paperboards or corrugated cardboards. It is possible to use it also for the factory and sales if it stores it in the special carrying case convenient to carry to say nothing of the quality control section because the main body is light and compact. Especially, ruled line strength at pulling out such as cartons and ruled line strength as receiving inspections such as a wrap-around caser and a cartoning machine and independence inspection can be easily measured.

BST-α measures bend strength of the paperboard and the corrugated cardboard, etc. , and makes the bend process figure at the same time. We will have prepared software when connecting with the personal computer and using it. As a result, various edit functions such as "Statistical Work", "Data Storage", "Comparison Display", "Data Trace" can be used, and it is useful for accumulation, the examination, and the consideration of the result of a measurement.
Main Usage
*The ruled line characteristic and the material characteristic of the paperboard can be managed.
*The ruled line characteristic and the material characteristic of the corrugated cardboard can be managed.
*It is possible to use it the manufacturing premise and to do business to say nothing of the quality control section.
*The function to predict container strength is provided from the bend yield value of a blank sheet in software for the corrugated cardboard.
*The bending stress of a tructure material of honeycomb and a general lamina other than the corrugated cardboard such as sticking plastics and paperboards together can be measured within the range of the capacity of the load cell.
1. External Size: 7.87in(W) x 10.63in(L) x 4.49in(H)   ( excluding the handle and the printer )
2. Weight: 8.69lb   ( including the handle and the printer )
3. Test Piece
    a) For corrugated cardboard: Max. Width 1.97in, Length 4.33-6.69in (Clamping Length 1.18in)
    b) For paperboard: Max. Width 1.97in, Length 1.18-3.54in (Clamping Length 0.39-1.18in)
4. Movable Range of Load Cell
    a) For corrugated cardboard: 2.36-4.72in from bend fulcrum
    b) For paperboard: 0.39-1.97in from bend fulcrum
5. The Max. Display Gaining the Weight
    a) For corrugated cardboard: 3.0kgf {29.4N}
    b) For paperboard: 1.0kgf {9.8N}
    A mass load cell will correspond by the demand besides the above-mentioned standard specification.
6. Power Supply: 4.8V (Ni-Cd) Battery (4 x AA batteries))
7. Duration: 12 hours (Case of using PC)   Charging Time: 15 hours

Note) Externals and the specification might be changed without a previous notice for the product improvement.
         Please acknowledge it beforehand.
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