The customer introduces FAQ.

Q. What one are 'Thomson Processing' and 'Stamping Out on Victoria" often heard ?

It is a method to send paper one by one, and to stamp by the dirboard from which blade is buried under plywood.
'Ruled Line' and 'Perforate Line', etc. can be processed simultaneously.

Q. What does the handling commodity have ?

Please leave it to Katayama Steel Rule Die Incorporation if it is dieboards, stamping out, packages, paper containers, papers, boxes, Thomson dieboard, and Victoria dieboard.
It meets customer's needs by the enhanced lineup such as 'Die Cutting Product' and 'Machine Part Sales'.

Q. Do you do from dieboard production to stamping out processing ?

Our company must not only produce dieboard but also, the large-scale press machine has in and the trial stamping out is done.

Q. Can you stamp it out to the paper of how much thickness ?

It is possible to stamp it out up to about 3mm with a usual blade. Please inquire details.

Q. Is blade thickness decided ?

Several thickness exists from 0.45 to 1mm, that is changed by the thickness of seat material stamped out and complexity of stamping out.
When thick paper is stamped out, a thick blade is used, but a detailed bend becomes difficult.

Q. Can you bend it up to how much radius?

The radius at the blade thickness level can be bent. For instance, when the blade of 0.7mm is bent, a minimum radius is 0.7mm.

Q. Can the embossing finish be done at the same time ?

It is possible. Our company is skillful in the processing of stamping out and Embossing finish simultaneously.