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Automatic Crease Height Measuring Machine

Automatic Crease Height Measuring Machine

Product Outline
This product is equipment for measuring the height of crease by pressing down crease of sample paper set to the measurement tabel by the the movable displacement sensor (contact tine) which performed starting point detection beforehand, and comparing with the height of the starting point. It cooperates with application software "AKSystem" for exclusive use, and the height of crease is measured automatically.
This system sends position data and CAD data to the automatic crease height measuring machine, or collects the measured data. All the control of the automatic crease height measuring machine, such as a starting point search, is performed from AKSystem. Moreover, by setting up common difference, the yes-no decision of the measured height is performed, or preservation, printing, etc. of data are performed.

External Size:35.94in(W) x 28.74in(D) x 13.98in(H)   ( excluding accessories, such as PC )
Weight:About 33.07lb
Drive system:A linear actuator and a stepping motor drive system
Stop accuracy of position:Plus or Minus 0.02in
Display resolution:0.0004in
Power Supply:AC100V@1A@50/60Hz Common Use (Only main part)
Accessories:Power cable (1)
Telecommunication cable (1)
RS232C conversion cable (1)
Notebook PC (1)
Printer (1)
Printer cable (1)
Note) Externals and the specification might be changed without a previous notice for the product improvement.
         Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Product Introduction
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