Reason to Have Selected Nagaoka

Nagaoka University of Technology

Dieboard in the future drawn in Nagaoka

The background of the selection might be an exchange with Nagaoka University of Technology that started in 1995. A spectacle four seasons seen from the staff cafeteria of the university occasional is envied for the city person. The field has extended to the opponent of row of cherry blossoms and pine woods if eyes are moved from the distant mountains to the outside of window soon.
When the manufacturer of laser oscillation machine is visited in suburbs in San Francisco, I am reminded in around 1975. The manufacturer is a venture company that says now, and it is heard that each company had been sold to GE soon. I wonder the place whether it was vicinity called Silicon Valley. The enterprise seems to have been concentrated in surroundings of Stanford University. Premises of the university when coming off the site boundary of the company in daytime. In short, it was guided to the dining room of the university and it had lunch. It is chic to go out to eat while strolling in grove of early summer in the United States of automotive society. It is so or if the company comes next to Nagaoka University of Technology, becomes the same atmosphere. The imagination(delusion) worked, Nagaoka University of Technology is Stanford University, and our company is a gorgeous venture company. Is it a too simple for say the plan for the future conception? At any rate, vague dream epilogue started.

Nagaoka Business Incubation Center (NBIC)

Research and development that makes the best use of conditions of location

We wanted to have a base in Nagaoka since the exchange with the above-mentioned Nagaoka University of Technology started. However, because advancing without understanding regional circumstances well was uneasy, it was quite not advancing the plan. It was heard that Nagaoka City established NBIC next to Nagaoka University of Technology in 2004, and it passed the examination, and became the first tenant when having immediately applied for moving in because it was the best location for development in the educational-industrial complex. The staff of NBIC were always near himself, and various consultations were caught for the 4 years' moving in periods. Especially, the extensive human exchange support became a big working hard.

Location in Nagaoka Office Arcadia

Business base where relaxation and richness are filled that developed in Nagaoka City that is fortress of rapid transportation network

"Management Reformation Plan" made based on this study results at period is submitted to Tokyo(address of headoffice), and approval is received in 2008 when moving in of 4 years with NBIC was passed. It introduced the Nagaoka Office Arcadia from the administration of Nagaoka City when having looked for locating ahead of those days. Nagaoka University of Technology, Nagaoka New Town, and Echigo Hillside National Government Park, etc. are located, and the function accumulation of "Industrial, Academia, Residence, Amusement, Creation" is advanced to the gentle foothill region located in the west of the city. It became the first NBIC graduation enterprise and the dream 30 years ago finally became here in autumn of the same year.