What's the Steel Rule Die?

What will be imagined hearing the steel rule die?
It might be the steel rule die that there are a lot of people who do not know though you are handled near yourself like this.
When you look and pass surroundings, a box of the tissue paper in nearby soon, a cigarette in the pocket of the clothes, a greeting card on the desk, a tuck box on the table, and a lot of boxes in the garbage box. All these commodities are made by using the steel rule die. It is with the key role in each life though there is a thing such as a product used for tens of years and a product that buys and is thrown away at once, too.
There are still a lot of things to use the steel rule die. Milk cartons, labels of bottleAutensils for kitchen use ...

The steel rule die indicates "the one that blade and ruled line were built into that ditch was cut in plywood as it is a interior elevation of product".

How is the steel rule die used?

The steel rule die is a tool used for the stamping out processing. The stamping out processing indicates 'processing method to stamp out arbitrary shape by placing, and pressurizing material processed between a steel rule die and a counter plate' here. It explains easily because it becomes difficult if it writes like this.
Have you baked cookies?
After the dough is mixed up and it extends it flat, it turns over round shape and stelliform and bakes it with the oven.
The work turned over is a stamping out processing to round shape or stelliform here. Moreover, the tool to turn it over is dieboard in round shape and stelliform.
* By the way, it is not stelliform of round shape nowadays when cookie mold is examined, isn't it. There are an elephant or a giraffe or a lot of fashionable molds.

Basic knowledge of Katayama Steel Rule Die Products