Company History

1922Kichinojo Aoki started making dieboards for paper packages as "Aoki Seisakusho".
1930Takeshi Katayama inherited "Aoiki Seisakusho" and renamed as "Katayama Seisakusho".
1962Tokyo Dieboards Industrial association was founded. Takeshi Katayama is appointed to the first chairman.
Jun.1971Katayama Steel Die Inc. is established. Takeshi Katayama is appointed to the first president.
1972Atsugi branch office opened.
1973Isamu Katayama is appointed presindent.
1974Laser Craft Company was established for the purpose of developing the laser processing machine for dieboards. Isamu Katayama is appointed to the first president.
1975The dieboards by laser processing was first started in Japan.
1978Head office building completion.
1980The world's first sample cutter (made by Mutoh industries,ltd.) started operation at our company.
1985Atsugi factory newly-built move.
Jan.1993Capital increased to 48.4 million yen by Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd.'s investment.
May.1993Start production of Metal Dieboards.
1995Collaborative research with Nagaoka University of Technology started.
Jul.1999The Results of collaborative research will be entrusted with modeling by the creative research achievement development project of Japan Science and Technology Agency.
Jul.2004Receive subsidies for the new dieboards by the Nagaoka City Regional Industrial Technology Development Project.
Oct.2004The Nagaoka office is established by industrial-academic complex incubation of Nagaoka City.
Mar.2007The Atsugi factory is integrated into the head factory.
Nov.2007Receive approval from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for innovation planning.
Sep.2008The Nagaoka office is built. Manufacturing and the research and development section are consolidated.
Mar.2012Eco Metal Doeboard receives "GOUGI" of Nagaoka Activation Zone of Energy (NAZE).
Feb.2014Hajime Kaneko is appointed presindent.
2014Original cutting machine PPx completed, sales started.
2015Start production of Resin Dieboards.