USP (Unique Selling Proposition)


Katayama Steel Rule Die not caught in the type will keep leading the dieboard industry as a "Total Partner of Dieboard" by keeping pursuing the technology and quality in which it always takes it by one step ahead, and offering the quality not wrong and the quite new value in the future.

When it is possible to promise, these become strong by the following two elements.

First, the quality in which it can relieve it at any time is offered to results that have shortly led dieboard technology of Japan for 100 years by the proven certain technology and flexibility.

Second, the business section, the designing section, the production technology section, the quality control section, the process control section and the R&D section accumulate the technology jointly systematically, and customer's problem is solved from many fields.

It always thinks about the best of customer's problem solution and stability quality, and we are proud and deliver a new technology and the quality with confidence.