Company Overview

EstablishmentJune 03, 1971
CapitalJPY 15,600,000
StockholderHajime Kaneko, Minoru Kimura, Akira Hine, Daishiro Ymaguchi
DirectorRepresentative director/Hajime Kaneko, Director/Minoru Kimura, Akira Hine, Daishiro Yamaguchi
Employees33 people
BanksMizuho Bank (Iidabashi Branch) / Japan Finance Corporation (Shinjuku Branch)
Sugamo Shinkin Bank (Suidou Branch) / Hokuetsu Bank (Nagaoka Shinsan Branch)
Head Office3-7 Higashigoken-chou Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 162-0813, Japan
TEL.+81-3-3260-6739 / FAX.+81-3-3267-6519
Factory1-11 Shinyou Nagaoka-shi Niigata-ken 940-2147, Japan
TEL.+81-258-21-5264 / FAX.+81-258-21-5265
BusinessThe dieboards for printed paper container (Laser Die, Metal Die, etc), Stripping Tools, Blanking Tools


Katayama Steel Rule Die can offer the dieboard and the support tools ith good accuracy by equipping with the modern capacity such as a laser processing machine, a machining center, a water jet cutting machines, a automatic bending machine for dieboard,and making good use of the processing technology that is appropriate for material such as the veneered wood, plastic, rubbers, and the metals.
There are Metal Die/Metal Counter that pursued accuracy and durability and Universal Blanking Tool that achieved handiness and low price in a typical development product.

The industry-university joint research has continued the pure research and the new product development of "dieboard and stamping out technology" with Nagaoka University of Technology since 1995. And a lot of new technologies that arose from study results are patent applied for, and there is the one that the international patent was acquired, too. Moreover, there is "Automatic control mechanism of stamping out machine" in the joint application with Japan Science and Technology Agency.

Policy in the future

To advance the development of a new technology and the acquisition of the intellectual property right further, a joint research is continued with the university and the cooperation enterprise, and it makes efforts to original product development.

Organization that adjusts to manufacturing in IT revolution and talent securing and employee education for production technology improvement are strengthened.

The joint development with the user is positively advanced, various dieboard and support tools that demonstrate the best cost performance for individual needs of material, amount, and demand for quality, etc. are offered, and it contributes to the industry of dieboard.