Realization of Happiness
-Employees' smile makes customers' happiness.-

President Hajime Kaneko

There is a correlation between CS(Customer Satisfaction) and ES(Employee Satisfaction). I don't think it's a question of which came first, but if you don't satisfy your customers, the company and the business will not survive. On the other hand, can you do a good job with a company whose employees are not happy? I heard the story of the five happy people. The five are "employees and their families," "employees of subcontractors and their families," "current and future customers, These are "local residents" and "shareholders and investors". This order is important and also the inclusion of family members. I'd like to add "giving back to the industry" to this.

We flatter ourself with the company always takes the lead in the field of dieboard manufacturing, and as a result, the technology and the product development capability are recognized. However, the current evaluation was not obtained by us alone. Of course there is the hard work of our employee, but without the guidance of our customers and the cooperation of people outside the company, we would not be where we are today.

In the first stage, Kichinojo Aoki (the first president) and Takeshi Katayama (the second president) established the dieboard manufacturing method, polished the skills, and produced many artisans. In the second stage, Isamu Katayama (the third president), has been working on technological innovation in manufacturing, construction of a structure for industry-academic cooperation, and new product development. We have steadfastly positioned ourselves as a leading company in the industry. These past achievements and current reputation are not the result of our independent efforts, but it's a gift that raised by the printing and paper industry.

In my generation, I place it as the third stage and we regard it as a continuation of the new product development based on the technical skill improvement, the technological innovation, and the industry-university cooperation, and of course, the departure from the stereotype of the stamping out structure/method and the stamping out method, the challenge to the stamping out materials other than paper, and the search for the overseas sales expansion, etc., and I intend to push forward with the whole company.

-> They're not just employees as an artisan who quietly and accurately does a given job, they're employees as creators that actively exchange opinions, think and devise get a sense of accomplishment, which makes them smile.
-> The partner companies give support to us by much suggestion.
-> The products which is produced from there will meet and exceed customer needs, and they will support the stable and efficient production of our customers.
We can make a contribution to the community with getting this cycle going, sometimes we will work with the competitors to raise the bar in the industry. etc., and if everyone has a smile on their face, that's my way of "giving back to the industry".

We won't stop with a dream story, but we will make it a reality and train people who will be active in the fourth stage, and I hope that the Katayama Mind will continue to be passed on to the next generation.

Katayama Steel Rule Die Inc. President Hajime Kaneko


Formar President Isamu Katayama

In Katayama Steel Rule Die, various challenges are continued.

Our company have a long track record in the printing and paper container industry, and have been growing steadily with printing and paper container companies as our customers. Since we were the first company in Japan to adopt laser beam processing technology, we have continued to achieve dramatic growth and development. In addition, the research and development of stamping and die-cutting technology is actively promoted in cooperation with universities, etc., and is greatly expected by our client companies. Thank you for your enthusiastic support of our many challenges to "I want to give priority to the customer's profit above all, and drastically change the way of conventional dieboard."

The future of dieboard is full of great possibilities that can be said to be infinite. It is our goal to become a life company that pursues the possibility, wants to make the world where everyone can widely enjoy the value that is newly born, and not only evolves the function of dieboards, but also changes everyone's life itself into something more prosperous.

Shaping the dreams and future of the next generation.
Please give Katayama Steel Rule Die Inc. further expectation and support in the future.

Katayama Steel Rule Die Inc. Former President Isamu Katayama

Corporate Principles

Corporate Principles

Existence Value at Which Our Company Aaims

It is about building a work environment and corporate culture in which individuals with initiative can grow, challenge and act.
All of us share these three philosophies, and work on the marketplace with the power of a strong organization, we will pursue satisfaction of our employees in terms of "motivation", "treatment", "future prospects" and "personal relations" through the profits derived from continuous customer satisfaction.

Action Agenda

Just Do It!